Top EIG Hosting Companies Tested – Performance Comparison

Endurance International Group, more widely known as ‘EIG’, is a parent company to many known web hosts. Lots of the popular hosting brands you’ve heard of, such as HostGator and Bluehost, are owned by EIG.

Many EIG customers are unhappy with their hosting experience. This is especially true when a hosting company gets bought out by EIG and you have to transition to their data centers. They claim you’re moving to a more secure, stable environment, but many have noticed poor support and increased load times once this transition happens.

Is it true that all EIG hosting companies suck? Let’s take a look at the data.

Here’s a chart of the top 10 hosts being tested here at I’ve marked the EIG-owned hosts for reference:


So, do they all have poor uptime, slow page load times, and bad support? You can see that it’s actually not true.

Consider Bluehost, they actually have the top average page speeds in under 3 seconds. And HostGator – decent uptime at 99.97%. Finally, Site5 – they have one of the best support responses at under .3 hours.

However note that none of these hosts score well in all categories, and it is important to have a host that has good reliability, fast speeds, and great customer service.

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