Hostgator’s New Prices – Raises rates by 20%!

I recently got the following email from Hostgator, in regards to one of the shared hosting accounts I run tests with:


This email is to notify you that the following invoice with has been generated which reflects the new recurring price for the products you have purchased.

In an effort to ensure best in class service and top-notch server performance, this invoice reflects the new increased recurring price for this product:

Invoice ID: 46373669      Amount: $10.95
Product: Shared Hosting – Hatchling

Whoah! Almost $11/month for Hostgator’s cheapest shared plan? That’s about as expensive as Site5 and Dreamhost – which are some of the most expensive cheap shared hosts out there.

When I signed up with Hostgator almost 2 years ago, the price was $8.95, as seen in my detailed review of hostgator’s smallest plan.

However, if you go to their website, it will look like it’s much cheaper than this:


This is because they’re showing you the 3 year term here, with a one time 20% off discount. Know that the discount will be removed and if you don’t want to commit to 3 years, you’ll be paying much more than that, as seen in their billing table:


Does HostGator’s performance warrant an increase? After all, they claim this increase is due to ‘top notch server performance’ changes. What do you think by looking at these Hostgator performance stats?