Bluehost performance after server upgrade

I got a notice a month ago from Bluehost telling me that they were going to be upgrading the server that one of my test accounts was on. Naturally I got excited since this is a great opportunity to see a before and after of the effect of a server upgrade.

Here’s the email:

Bluehost is dedicated to keeping your account secure and working smoothly. Our commitment to open source software and an intuitive web experience makes your online success our number one priority.

As part of this, your website is being upgraded to a new server; a server that is both faster and more reliable.

Migration of your website to the new server will begin next week. The process requires the server to be rebooted twice; once during the migration and again 48-72 hours after the migration is complete. Please expect 15-20 minutes of downtime between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m. Mountain Time while the server reboots.

We want to assure you that we are doing everything possible to make this a smooth transition.

Bluehost Support

I received that email Sept 16, 2015. I waited ample time for the upgrade to take place. If you look at the uptime stats, you can determine that the upgrade did take place around the 24th, based on the downtime seen:


And how does page speed measure up after the ‘upgrade’?


Do you see a difference? I don’t. It looks like performance degraded (slower page times) around the beginning of September, before the upgrade happened. Perhaps the upgrade was an attempt to fix this? Doesn’t seem to have helped.

Unfortunately, I’m sadly disappointed in Bluehost‘s ability to upgrade servers for better performance. Check our more of their stats for the details.