Bluehost breaks record for worst tech support

One of the tests I run at is the Support Response Test. It’s a simple test where I send a tech support message, and see how long it takes for them to respond. The top hosts will respond within minutes. But the poor performing ones can take a 1-2 days. Well this month Yahoo Web Hosting broke the record for slowest support response time.

How slow were they to respond? 264 hours. Yup, do the math – that’s over 11 days!

What if my site had been having real problems? It could have been down for what feels like forever.

What’s interesting is that Bluehost actually varies the most out of any host. Take a look at this history for them – some months 0.1 hours (awesome), yet many others way worse:


Note – above you’ll see we cap the results at 168 hours (7 days), just because I can’t wait around forever to publish test results if a host hasn’t responded. In reality they responded on Mar 21st, 8:39pm.

I should note that they did apologize in their response, saying that they recently had a high amount of tickets and were working as fast as they could to resolve them. So there’s that. But still. Over 10 days. Wow.

If you’re on Bluehost shared web hosting, you better pray you don’t need any help lately. Take a minute to consider some better alternatives.